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1 x Gary Beals
1 x Jason Greeley
1 x Paris Hilton
1 x Daryl Brunt
1 x Courtney Love
1 x Corpse Bride
2 x Britney Spears
2 x Billie Joe Armstrong
2 x Alicia Keys
2 x Vince Benenati
3 x Josh Palmer
3 x Kalan Porter
4 x Jacob Hoggard (1 w/Ben Mulroney :p)
5 x Melissa O'Neil (3 w/Rex Goudie, 1 w/Theresa Sokryka)
7 x Suzi Rawn (1 w/Josh Palmer)

Tags: [celebrity] paris hilton, [movie] the corpse bride, [music] alicia keys, [music] britney spears, [music] courtney love, [music] daryl brunt, [music] gary beals, [music] green day, [music] jason greeley, [music] josh palmer, [music] kalan porter, [music] melissa o'neil, [music] rex goudie, [music] suzi rawn, [music] theresa sokryka, [music] vince benenati, [tv] canadian idol

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