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Way of Life

A walk in the proverbial park. . .

A Place to Shed our Skin
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The moment had come. . .I had experienced my center. A feeling so euphoric was before this day reserved for the minds of the authors of the storybooks and fairy tales of our our time and times past. From this crucial moment of felling centered came a feeling of simple absolute presence. I found myself in a talespin toward The All. Everything that makes up our rudimental order was revealed at that moment.
Peace and Love.

I found that if I am willing to dedicate my conscious energy toward that of the greater good than the greater good seems to follow at my feet begging, brandishing its wand of wisdom, patiently awaiting my next resolute step. This is one of the wonderful aspects of reality our condition avails to everyone. . .

This community is designated to the personal development of all of us. Please feel free to express any and all thoughts feelings and questions that are conducive to the aforementioned end. All opinions will be celebrated as what they are.
Please respect the ideas and information that other people have to say or believe.
The only thing that will not be tolerated is a lack of toleration.(okay so i contradicted myself. . . you all know what i mean though. Drama is reserved for daytime television.) Thank you. I hope you find some valueble information within this community.

May this find you in a state of understanding.