&_ Psychedelic Fractalicious Cherry _& (eclipsingcherry) wrote in _way_of_life_,
&_ Psychedelic Fractalicious Cherry _&

I know why I'm so scared to be connected, I just wish I could fix it. This community is for betterment, improvement. I think that's one of the things I need to work on right now. *nod* my conciousness is completely expanded, and i love it. I can touch base on things that others only dream about - and that makes me extremely lucky.

But as for me..
I sometimes feel my energy is a curse. I attract too many people, in so many ways, and it's not the best thing at times. It happens everywhere..the street, where I live, people i meet.

I wonder why.

I guess I have to learn how to deal with having an attracting energy, and being able to deal with that. Being able to embrace the fact that people need me, and I'm here to help others.

I'm a massive ball of spiritual gunky energy floating through time.

I love this 3D spin around the sun
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