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Ten Virtues?

May I be generous and helpful

May i be well disciplined and refined in manners.
May i be pure and clean in all my dealings.
May my thoghts words and deeds be pure.

May I not be selfish and self possessive, but
selfless and disinterred.
May i be able to sacrifice my pleasure for the sake
of others

May i be wise and able to see things as they truely are.
May i see the light of truth and be able to lead
others from darkness into light.
May i be enlightened and be able to enlighten others.

May i be energeitc, vigorous and preserving.
May i strive diligently until i achieve my goal.
May i be feasless in facing dangers and courageously
surmount all obsticles.
May i be able to serve others to th ebest of my ability.

May i ever be patient
May I be able to bear and forebear the wrongs of others.
May i ever be tolerant and see the good and beautiful
in all.

May i ever be truthfula nd honest.
May i not swerve from the path of truth.

May i be firm and resolute and have an iron will.
May i be soft as a flower and firm as a rock.
May i ever be high principled.

Loving Kindness
May i ever be kind, friendly and compassionate.
May i be able to regard all as my brohters and my sisters
and become one with all.

May i ever be calm, serene, unruffled and peaceful.
May i gain a balanced mind.
May i have pefect equanimity.

May i serve to be most excellent
May i be most excellent to serve

TO understand this article profoundly would be the apex of my human existence. TO maintain the concepts and ideological ideals with total balance wothout deviation from one extreme to another would be euphoric.

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