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Enlightenment; Esoteric?

*From an earlier post i made as a comment to a friend. I thought I might share my ramblings with all of you*

Is it not strange that some of the most profound realisations humankind has been blessed with is said to be totally esoteric and reserved for thise who are willing to forego regular everyday existence in the world? I don;t think that this is at all healthy. We need to have, as a collective whole, a basic understanding from whiche we can all grow exponentially with one another without the need to segregate ourselves from the daily trivialitites of existing. If enlightenment is really true enlightenment it seems that there would be an uncondition clause somewhere. Someone truely inclined would be able to exist in any environment because they are truely aware. Nothing from the outside, especially something as transient as a social condition or mass attitude, would be able to adhere itslef to an idea of waning conciousness. Contrairiwise neither could anything on the inside. thoughts feelings and emotions would all coincide with the new paradigm.

Does this make any sense to you? Summary: Enlightenemet is unconditional unbiased and exists in any dynamic.
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