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lost in time

by the ocean friday evening

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Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.
Ryunosuke Satoro (Japanese poet)

When I'm overwhelmed with too many thoughts I can't express I often find myself driving to my favourite beach. Tonight Soldiers Beach mellowed me out & calmed the frizz in my brain.

A soothing sedative I can share with you, well, the visuals at least.
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Hot Tuna Central Coast Pro WQS, Soldiers Beach Australia- photos

Hi I'm new here, although I can't ride anymore due to hip injury (not surf related) I still body surf and swim & cycle... Seem to have taken up photography to fill the hole...anyhow, I was at my local (Soldier's Beach, NSW) this past week photographing the Hot Tuna Central Coast Pro WQS contest.

Hot Tuna Central Coast Pro -held throughout this last week...Sponsored by Hot Tuna the event is a 4 Star rated World Qualifying Series (WQS) event for men and a 2 Star rated WQS event for women held at Soldiers Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia.

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Sam Cornish (Aus) took out 1st in the Womens

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Tais Almeida Brazil - 2nd

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Paige Hareb NZ - 4th

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Neco Padaratz - Brazil won the 7th round to eliminate the highly touted Dane Reynolds (USA)

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Big Spray

anyhoo thought you might be interested, I'm still posting larger pics on my lj velvetink over the next couple of days...

We get a lot of competitions around here, surf and conditions usually perfect.
You can also find out more about the event, (incl. videos & pics) at


ps hope this post isn't too long, let me know if pics should be behind a cut....also is anyone on here around this area?

Hey everyone

Hello, Im new here and yeah, I surf...but at the moment I unfortunately live in a crappy place (inland) with no waves to be seen, unless I go home (3 hrs away). It sux. Anyway, I live in Australia, and have surfed all my life and I LOVE it!! I ride a shortboard (and a longboard when the waves are small). So, yeah, thats me. Ill get sum pics later on n post.

See ya later!
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(no subject)

Hi there, I live in PA and have just started to learn about surfing. This summer I'm going to get out in it when I travel to Myrtle Beach, SC. The waves there are small and good for the first time. Are there any other good places on the East Coast to learn?

A little about me... I'm a 21 year old small town girl who's tentatively movng down South by next fall and I plan on trying to get good enough at surfing to really enjoy it. More, if you like, on my journal.

Just so this isn't a text only post, I'll share my two most recent art pieces: Apologies on size..

Kill Betty Inc. is my very tiny new business. These chicks will be printed on t'shirts and sold at our online store and a few select locations nationwide. If any of you cats are interested in watching our progress...

have a groovy spring!

new livejournal

hey all, wow this community got quiet...

anyways, new livejournal. i was in_the_curl, not im not.

add me if you will.

or my myspace



by the way... wtf happened to that fucking swell california was supposed to be getting from fuckin hawaii... it never fuckin came....... im just a tad bit bitter bout that.
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im bored so thought id share a picture of flattys.
also went out today to coles, was nice 6 foot waves and
heavy as all fuck. breaking right onto a sandbars.

cunt twat

nice looking rock there. hence the name flat rock.
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