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_wantlists @ livejournal.com

a community for your shopping desires.

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This is a unique community for people to post lists of the things they are interested in buying. In turn, others reply with items they are selling that fit the poster's want list.

The Rules

1. NO ADVERTISING. Do not make any posts telling us what you are selling. Do not write about all of the marvelous things you've updated your journal with. Do not share about the super special awesome sale you are having. Go to girlysales for that.

2. Only make posts containing a list of items you are looking to buy or trade for.

If want to trade for the items on your want list, you may put a SMALL link to your journal at the bottom of your post.Do NOT write a description of the items you have to trade or have in your journal/shop. This is advertising. You may indicate if you've recently updated your shop, but do not tell us about what you've added.

4. Do not make posts just asking for trades. This is the same as advertising. Your post must contain a list of items you want.

Do not make posts indicating that you want people to buy items you are selling.

If you'd like to give photo example of items you are looking for, you may only post one photo above the LJ cut. The photo must be under 400px x 400px. Making </span>text links to your photos is highly encouraged.

Please only reply to posts if you have something on their list. You may link to your sales journal or post information about the item you have in the comment.

If you see rules being broken or if you have any questions, problems, or concerns related to the community, please send a direct message to:
xtantalize OR samtasticality

See a known scammer participating in the community? Let us know here


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