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Do people use another site to sell things on? Used to be a lot more on lj. I really like browsing and finding interesting things not on eBay where you just search for stuff. Is there another site where people just list what all the have for sale?

I miss stationary memo grabbies and kawaii things!

buy/possibly trade.

Not sure if many people even actively watch this community anymore but I'm looking for:

-the hardcover UK/Bloomsbury publishers versions of the Harry Potter books. All books within the series. (Looking to eventually have a complete collection) If anyone has them for sale please let me know.

-instant film camera (like the new versions of fuji/polaroids.

-sociology books, books about various cultures, books about urban farming, dog training/dogs in general

Also I just recently updated my selling journal purgesales so I can trade from that if anyone is interested in items there in exchange for items on my want list. I will pay via paypal though if that is not something you're interested in! Thanks!


Looking for dressy clothes. I'm a size xl, or large if it runs bigger. Look for shirts. Button up, sweaters, silky, and underneath shirts to go with my blazer. Business looking type clothes.

I also love shoes size 8.5 or 9.

If you have eBay or a journal to browse with these things or something you think would go along with it link it please. Cheap like 7 or less. No pants because have to try those on. Dresses and skirts are nice too :)

And non business I love anything with dogs!
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Been forever since I posted here (years!) but I'm looking for a copy of Photoshop for PC. Either burned to disk or if you know how to email that large of a file to me. Disk preferred. I can paypal you ASAP. Please respond with price and version :)


These shoes have been discontinued for a very long time and it's nearly impossible to find a pair, let alone in my size! If anyone has a pair of these leopard print platforms in either a US Women's 9 or 10, I'll pay pretty good money for them!!

rainbow > bouncy-bubbles.net

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ISO: Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master VHS tape. I'm looking for the MEDIA version.

A while back I saw someone had it for sale on their journal but I have no idea who that was. They had the paper sleeve it came in too which I really want.