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1. Name and or nick name: Chelsea "fucking" Carter
2. Age (preferably 16+ unless you're that fucking cool):Turning 16 in October. :P
3. Sexual Preference:My boy lollipop, you make my heart go giddyup~
4. Location:South Florida
5. Tattoos/Piercings/Other Body Mods: Lip piercing.
6. Hobbies:Reading, Writing, Drawing, Logical Conversations and being classy.
7. Favorite Bands:Horse the Band, The Fall of Troy, Emanuel, Gregory and the Hawk.
8. What is feminism to you?:Understanding that being a woman is a privilage and not letting anyone tell you otherwise.
9. Did anyone influence you on being a feminist? If so...who?:My friend Crystal, and every douchebag male.
10. We like our ladies oppinionated.
So What do you think of...
-Abortion: I think that abortion is a choice. If you want to throw away the life of your child, it's on your mind. And of course, there are always rape situations. I wish there were more safe abortion clinics, also.
-Gay Marriage: It's no different than a straight marriage. Any two people have the right to be united, gay or not.
-Homosexuality: I have nothing against it. I absolutely adore my homosexual friends, they're lovely.
-Premarital Sex: I personally don't see the problem. If you think you're responsible enough, go for it. Nothing wrong with fun.
-Straight Edge: I respect edgers for being healthy, but I don't want them on my back for not doing so also.
-Drugs: I'm not a big fan of drugs. I believe everyone at one point in time will try them, but I don't support the heavier drugs. As for ciggarettes, I'm a fiend.
+Where did you hear about us from?: Crystal
+Promote to two rating communities, and two people(provide links, we will check!): I'm not in any other rating communities, so I promoted to four people.,,,
+Pictures 3+: Excuse my stupid myspace photos.
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The blonde photo is old. But I like it. :]
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