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1. Name and or nick name: Crystal. my gangsta name is Berlin
2. Age (preferably 16+ unless you're that fucking cool): 16
3. Sexual Preference: bisexual
4. Location: pompano beach FL
5. Tattoos/Piercings/Other Body Mods: i have two lip piercings & 14 ear piercings (10 on the right, 4 on the left)
6. Hobbies: writing, singing in my band (well its more of an obsession) & playing guitar & bass guitar
7. Favorite Bands: there's so many... jack off jill, bikini kill, the blood brothers, metric, death from above 1979, the distillers, horrorpops, marilyn manson, yeah yeah yeahs, the cardigans, the cure, sisters of mercy, frankenstein drag queens, le tigre, miss kittin, the cramps, the dresden dolls... and those are just favorites
8. What is feminism to you?: for me, its just being an independant, outspoken woman who will not let gender roles, society or the government control my rights as a female. its being comfortable with my sexuality, but not having to be a slut or half-naked. basically its just not letting people control me just because i have a vagina.
9. Did anyone influence you on being a feminist? If so...who?: actually it was my dad. i was brought up jewish you see, and he always bitched about how the temples would not allow the females to sit next to the males. he said i shouldn't let people degrade me or treat me worse than a male just because i'm a girl. everyone should be treated with respect & equality.
10. We like our ladies oppinionated.
So What do you think of...
-Abortion: personally, i would feel guilty if i was faced the situation myself, but the bottom line is, its the woman's decision. not to mention if a woman got raped, her whole life would be altered, all her plans, just because of some asshole.
-Gay Marriage: i'm for it. gays want to be acknowledged as real people. who the fuck does the government think they are by saying they can't get married?
-Homosexuality: you are what are.
-Premarital Sex: marriage is a fraud anyway. i think your sexual desires should be fulfilled, just not in a whore-ish way. if you really like someone and you think you're ready, take a condom and go for it.
-Straight Edge: i don't care if you are or if you're not, as long as you don't push that don't do drugs, don't have sex crap on me. i do what i do. you do what you do. i know its harmful, but believe it or not i have good reasons why i do drugs & chain-smoke. and i'm not planning on stopping.
-Drugs: besides from what i wrote up there, i think drugs help you realize things that haven't been clear before. i just don't like crack, heroin, or meth. everything else is good in moderation for physical, spiritual, & inspirational healing & help.
+Where did you hear about us from?: i think i just did an LJ search.
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