Kaxtie Chaos (tank_katie_mew) wrote in _wanna_disco_,
Kaxtie Chaos


WE'RE ALL DEAD!!!!!!!!!

introducing Kaxtie Chaos's new alter-ego (cause let's face it, there's no way one person can take up all the crazy that's in this brain):

Nurse Ragdolly

the following pictures are (for the most part) very bad. however, i was bored and am always a camera whore.
they were also taken before the ones above. then i realized i went a little overboard (or not enough overboard) with the "stitches".

this is what it looks like when Kaxtie wakes up at the crack of noon:

That is my anti-makeup, aka: the makeup leftover from the night before... or, just whatever didn't get rubbed off in my sleep.

i would look like a little kid here if i wasn't smoking. WOO!

Kaxtie Chaos + Nurse Ragdolly
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