Kaxtie Chaos (tank_katie_mew) wrote in _wanna_disco_,
Kaxtie Chaos


so yeah, i fucking suck as a member of any community lately. however, my camera is being a dick and i can't find my software to install it on my new computer. my new computer is a cybergoth, by the way. it's silver and glows blue. fuckin hardcore!
also, i have not been taking good care of my shit, as i don't feel like it until my hair is done. my hair will probably be getting done sometime in the next coupla weeks (definintly within the next month because i must have it before warped tour) so then i will update like it's paying and the rent's due tomorrow.

uhh... when i find my software and get out of my house and go to the store to buy batteries, i'll try to update with the pictures that are on my camera right now.... they're from like.... forever ago. i have a few on there from my birthday party, which was in january. but as you all know, i went retarded and got grounddedddddd. alot of the pictures look like they're from the same day cause i'm wearing my le tigre shirt in most of them... but they're not. umm.. that's all i guess. there's also a picture tutorial on "how to do the female rockabilly pomp".... my bangs are still short and weird in the picture for that one though so it was tricky and is kind of not noticeable.

but yeah... i'm a shitty member, please bear in mind that when i get my shit rollin again i will update ridiculously cause i have nothing better to do.... will you ever forgive me?

the moz forgives me:

he's not happy, but he forgives me. be like morrissey!

love, peace, and chicken grease
kaxtie chaos.

ps: i am getting tattoo number two on friday. it's tank girl. i have the picture that it's based on somewhere, if i can find it. if not, you'll all see it when it's done. and i have all kind of new cute shit to take pictures of.

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