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    It's seriously WORTH THE SHOT.

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    Are your mods lovely? Do you think that piercings and tattoos are great? Are you well educated in the subject of body modification?

    If you answered yes to those questions, you definitely need to join us! We will rate you on your mods, your love for them, and how much you know about them. We couldn't care less about your pretty blonde hair or what you think about George Bush. We care strictly about body modifications. If you do too, then what you waiting for?!

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    Do you love talking about all your favorite celebrities?
    Getting all the latest scoop & information, making graphics & icons, posting pictures & discussing negative & positive opinions?!!
    Do you love the website

    Then join: limelight_org
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    Hey everyone I'm new to this community and I adore von Dutch. I agree with the person below the trucker caps are getting played out but there men's clothing line is awesome!!!

    just joined...

    I'm new to the community and just wanted to say hello to everyone. I love von dutch, although I only have a couple pairs of jeans and a few trucker hats. I'm not really into the whole trucker hat scene anymore, since it seems the whole nation has them but the clothing isn't bad.