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The Truth In Advertising

Exist Only In Art

True Art
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is an art rating community.
Read the rules and we'll have no problems.
And don't fuck with the members.

For Applicants

The reason new members need to apply is because this is an art/rating community.
We will rate you on your talent and personality, but personality comes first.

Rules For Applicants
1. Fill out the application within two days of joining.
2. Do not comment on others applications or even entries before being stamped.
3. Title the subject of your application "Art of Liars".
4. Put the application under a cut or you will be banned and title the cut "Stolen".
5. Bold the questions of the application so it's easy to read.
6. If you do not get accepted you may not reapply.
7. If you get rejected you are still not aloud to post entries or comments.
8. If you break one of these rules you will not only be rejected,
you will be banned.
9. Comprende?

Le Application

Current Time:
What Would You Classify Yourself As:
Career Goals:
Opinion On Sex:
Opinion On Drugs:
Opinion On Abortion:
Opinion On Gay Marriages & Adoption:
Favorite Bands:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Books:
Favorite Artists:
Any Random Quote:
Coke or Pepsi:
Promote This Community In One Place Or More & Provide A Link:
Atleast One Picture of Yourself:
Atleast One Picture of Something You Created:

For Accepted Members

Once you've been stamped and are accepted, you may post entries on
whatever you create. You may post pictures of a painting or drawing
that you did, or even post a poem. You may also post questions
concerning specific techinques or even helpful advice. The skies the
limit in the art world!

Rules For Accepted Members
1. Porn is not art.
2. Fighting is never permitted.
If someone harasses you and you did nothing to provoke them,
write a post requesting their banishment.
3. Vote on all applications that come your way.
4. If you go out of town of on vacation, please let the moderator know.
5. Promote this community in as many places as possible.
6. You may promote a community after your accpeted, but only if
you're an active member. If the promotion banner is large, place
it under a cut.
7. If you comment on an already accepted member, just make it helpful
tips, constructive criticism, or just tell them that you like their work.