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Art of Liars

Current Time: 4:34 pm
Name: James
Gender: Male
What Would You Classify Yourself As: Unclassifiable
Career Goals: To own my own tattoo shop
Opinion On Sex: It's good
Opinion On Drugs: They are bad
Opinion On Abortion: none
Opinion On Gay Marriages & Adoption: Fine by me
Favorite Bands: CKY, Clutch, Dead Milk Men
Favorite Movies: Fear and Loathing, The Big Lebowski
Favorite Books: Ones with pictures
Favorite Artists: Deano Cook, Dali
Any Random Quote: The simulator has been disengaged.
Coke or Pepsi: Coke
Promote This Community In One Place Or More & Provide A Link: I am going to post a link on my website in just a few.

Atleast One Picture of Yourself:

Atleast One Picture of Something You Created:


  • (no subject)

    I was wondering if anyone here that's good with graphics would be interesting in creating a promotional banner for this community.

  • Art of Liars

    Current Time: 3:08 pm EST Name: Windy Age: 26 Gender: Female What Would You Classify Yourself As: Me. I don't classify myself as anything…

  • (no subject)

    The first entry... how exciting. The first three members to apply automatically get in. Ok, that's it then. Ta.

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