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I shrunk down the picture this time so it wouldn't take up so much space as I already posted it once already.

Voltaire@The Vogue

Voltaire will be at the vogue in seattle on wednesday! I'm not sure if it's at 8 or 9 though so it would probably be a good idea to get there kinda early. I will assume it's at 9 because that's when the vogue usually opens. Address is 1516 11th Ave, Seattle, 98122. This is a 21+ club and show.

But wait, even more news this time, OMG! He will also be around the corner and down the street at MusicWerks at 5pm for a totally awesome in store signing. So even if you can't go to the show you can still meet Voltaire in person. Yay!

My writing of this looks so bad. Ha. If I'm missing anything, feel free to let me know. Please.
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Hello lovelies! I have a request.

I've been killing myself trying to find a specific photo that teh interweb tells me does not exist. =/ Quite a few of us gals over on egl are dying for the photo of Voltaire with the lolis. That is to say, there is a photo of Voltaire standing outside, in a park(?) with some lovely ladies dress in lolita fashion.

Please please please please, does anyone have this photo? I'm dying for it, it's terribly cute, and so many lolis love Voltaire . XD We needs it.

Much apreciation.
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Hi all.

I just recently moved and all of my cds and such were ruined and I was wondering if anyone knew a good torrent search where I can download some Voltaire. Just to have around until I have enough money to start replacing what is now lost. Thanks.

And btw, I saw Voltaire for the first time this weekend and it was the best show I have ever been to. I will be living off of that energy and happiness for months. Woot!

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Masque & Veil- Sept. 8 & 9 (Details Posted)

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Masque & Veil 2006
The Dark Room's Two-Year Anniversary Event

Friday September 8 & Saturday September 9
The party of the season that lasts for two evenings!

Friday Sept. 8- THE MASQUERADE- 7pm

Dress your best & don your favourite for the year's most anticipated party & masquerade ball
featuring our Best Dressed Prizes to the top male & female!

Featuring DJs-
DJ Skeletal (St. Louis, MO)
Claimed by many as the forerunner of the St. Louis dark music scene, Skeletal is sure to keep the darkness dancing.

end:troduction [DJ Bludston-End: the DJ](Neo-Genesis- Kansas City MO, The Dark Room- Fayetteville, AR)
From Darkwave to Industrial to EBM to gothrock, these two artists/DJs joined forces in 2005 as a unified duo creating a continous mix of floor filling music to wide acclaim.

DJ Bone (Oklahoma City)
A standout of the widely-known Oklahoma City, Bone mixes music with an unbelievably signature style. Not to be missed.

Death Mistress
From college radio airwaves to the Gothic Council of Chicago, DM has made a return to the region that she helped build. Very dark music with a sharp edge!

Anthony Bale
A longtime favourite of the region with his extensive library of new & classic Dark & Gothic Rock with an Industrial flair.

DJ Azrael
A party staple in the area from Industrial to Fetish, Azrael keeps the mood amplified with powerful beats.

Silent Mike
From Darkwave to Gothic & Ethereal, this young talent has quickly gained an audience in the region!

Door- $8

Saturday Sept. 9- THE ANNIVERSARY PARTY- 7pm

An evening of live performances worthy of capturing the celebration of another year of The Dark Room!

Live performances by

Razorwire Halo (www.razorwirehalo.com)
Formed in 2001 by Tak Kitara and David Turner, RH is currently performing live to support their first release "Gave It All". Their second album "Without You" will be released in September. A favourite in the mid-U.S. region, this act's star is quickly on the rise.

& welcome the return of
The Last Dance (www.thelastdance.com)
Formed in the early 1990's by guitarist Rick Joyce and vocalist Jeff Diehm, this powerful, dynamic and passionate group has gone from being a modest little Orange County, CA band to being one of the top draws of the international dark rock scene. Hard work, strong songs, an exciting stage show and a loyal and ever expanding fan base have all contributed to this achievement as The Last Dance continue to forge new musical paths, set new goals, and defy all expectations of what a gothic rock / alternative rock / dark wave band should be.
TLD is currently supporting their lstest album "Once Beautiful" & will be bringing exclusive footage from their upcoming documentary film to Masque & Veil! See the trailer at http://www.tldmovie.com .

Spider Lilies (www.spiderliliesmusic.com)
Spider Lilies is a musical project created by Stacey Campbell, former guitarist/backup vocalist of the Cruxshadows. The Spider Lilies began in 1999 with a song called "Sand".
The music is a fusion of rock, darkwave, and goth, featuring female vocals and crunchy guitar with a basis of electronics. The vocals are powerful, the lyrics provocative, and the music is rich with electronic and organic instruments.
The Spider Lilies have released their first full-length album "In the Light" with widely praised fanfare & is now on tour that is quickly gaining new audiences.

& a special live performance from
Voltaire (www.voltaire.net)
This prominent & prolific singer/songwriter, artist & author makes his first appearance to Masque & Veil. With many staple songs in his library (When You're Evil, Goodnight Demon Slayer), directing commercials and animated short films (MTV & Sci-Fi Channel) as well as illustration (Oh My Goth) and the author of "What is Goth?" and "Paint It Black", Voltaire gives a highly theatrical & well-rounded performance that has gained a legion of admirers.

Door- $20

Limited pre-sale tickets available now- $20 for BOTH NIGHTS!
All presale tickets will be held on will call. Please leave your first & last name.
Click on the banner below to order now!

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* Come to the MASQUE & VEIL SIGNING Saturday afternoon Sept. 9! Hang out & meet with the live artists that will be performing that evening including The Last Dance, Spider Lilies and Razorwire Halo!

Directions & area hotel information can be found at The Dark Room website

The biggest dark music event in the midsouth in the fall! See you in September!

Pi-Con room share?

As you may or may not know (I'm new to the community), Voltaire will be appearing as the musical guest at Pi-Con this weekend in West Springfield, Mass. Is there anybody on this list who'll be going to the con and has extra space in his or her hotel room? My friend is coming all the way down from Maine, and with gas prices as high as they are, we are looking to save some money. We're willing to share one bed or take the floor, depending on what portion of the room fee you want us to cover.

Thanks very much.

Also posted to pi_con, kushiel_trilogy, and the Voltaire Yahoo! group.)