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My next release: a new era begins

I have been working on the new CD for a while now. In fact, I'm probably just a couple of weeks away from finishing it. The plan was to get it into the hands of Dancing Ferret (which you may remember I signed with last year after releasing Ooky Spooky). As long as I was able to hand in a finished CD by August 29th, I could have it come out on Halloween, which was my goal for this CD. I really didn't want it to be 2 years before I released a new CD (the length between most of my releases).

Well, a few days ago, I got the sad news that Dancing Ferret has closed it's door and are shutting down due to health issues of label president and my friend, Patrick Rogers. My best wishes go to Patrick. Believe me when I say that his health will ALWAYS be more important to me than any CD I might ever release.

However, I do now find myself in the odd position of having a nearly finished CD and no record label to release it. I've given it much thought, talked to several people about it and have reached the decision to put it out myself. You and I have a dialogue. We talk. We're talking right now.... sort of. heh heh
So maybe the time has come for you to come directly to me to get my next CD.

Now let me tell you what this is going to mean. I'm going to start taking pre-orders at some point in the next week or so. I will post an album cover, a title, a track listing and some information about the CD. And then of course there will be a price set for the disc and you'll be able to pre-order it. I think it will take a little over a month from the time I start taking pre-orders to the time when the CD is released. I am probably only going to make 1 or 2 thousand discs! And pretty much the only way you can get one is directly from me! Kind of scary.. but kind of exciting.

We have entered a new era, my friends!

Stay tuned!

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