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Ticket info for tomorrow's Dracula's Ball event

Tickets are still available for the Dracula's Ball Halloween event at Shampoo (all ages) featuring performances by Carfax Abbey and Voltaire.
There are still a few advance tickets left ($14), and there are three ways to get them:

1) Buy them from Ticketmaster (service charges apply)

2) Order them online from IsoTank -AND- pick them up in person at Digital Ferret (526 S. 5th, Philadelphia, 215-925-9259) -- IsoTank is no longer putting tickets in the mail this close to the show

3) Walk in and buy them in person at Digital Ferret (see contact info above)

If for some reason you aren't able to get an advance ticket, it should be possible to pay at the door ($16). If you're going to do that, we advise you to try to arrive early. If you can't arrive early, or are making up your mind at the last minute, don't fret. We have a ticket information hotline.

Dracula's Ball Ticket Info Hotline: 215-477-5161

If we should happen to run out of tickets at the door, the above hotline will be immediately updated.

See you on the 31st!

Dracula's Ball meets Nocturne, 10-31-2007

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