Le Chat Noir (kittenspeaks) wrote in _voltaire_,
Le Chat Noir

Voltaire at DragonCon

As DragonCon approaches in the balmy south I bring you the Voltaire news...
Schedule (so you can plan ahead):
Live show- Sat 1:00am
Trek Track- Sun 2:30
Goth Track- Sun 5:30
Mon 2:30

At con I will have the eagerly awaited Ooky Spooky CD!!!

And, for the first time since the first time THE WHOLE BAND WILL BE THERE!!!!!
Jump up and down and clap. It's ok. We know you want to. :-)
That's right campers, for the first time since Voltaire's first time at DragonCon (1999 I think...geez, has it really been that long....) he will have the whole band with him. This show is not to be missed.

Have fun packing.
See you all at the Con

Luv ya!!!

Merch Goddess
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