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que sera,sera

Below is an answer to your support question regarding "Maint MIA in _viva_la_france"


Thank you for your report. The Abuse Prevention Team does not intervene with a community's
management unless the maintainers are unresponsive to situations which require their
intervention. That is, if the community is inactive, and there are no situations that
require a maintainer, such as this one, we will not transfer ownership, even if the
maintainer is deleted and purged. The FAQ located at describes the circumstances
under which the Abuse Prevention Team will take action.

Without evidence that the community itself is active, and a maintainer is necessary to
remove violations of the Terms of Service, we will be unable to transfer control of this
community to another user. This community has been inactive for a very long time, until
you posted in it recently. As such, we won't transfer ownership. You may wish to create
an alternate community with a similar purpose.

LiveJournal Abuse Prevention Team

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