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Welcome to Visual Crack! First of all, if you wish to participate in any of the challenges, you must first join the community Posting access is given only to the moderators, please do not ask for it. This community it moderated by reldniws and dim_quiet. If you need to contact either of the moderators please feel free to email us: discomfortxwings@gmail.com (dim_quiet) or exequies@gmail.com (reldniws).

VisualCrack is a weekly icon challenge for the video game series Final Fantasy. Occasionally there will be challenges where characters from Kingdom Hearts or the Final Fantasy movies are used.

Our affiliates can be found right here. Please refer to that link if you would like to affiliate as well.

1. For every challenge there will be 3 images posted by myself. For each image, you can submit one icon. That's a total of 3 icons per challenge.

2. All icons submitted must follow LiveJournal requirements. [100x100px. 40KB and in *.jpg, *.png, or *.gif format]

3. Icons submitted must have been made for the current challenge. In other words, they can't have been made previously.

4. Don't cheat. Don't submit an icon you didn't make. The icon in question will be disqualified and you have a good chance of being banned from the community.

5. Don't cheat. -Again. Do not go and round up a bunch of your friends and make them vote for your icon. I do check polls and see if this happens.

If you insist on taking one of the icons featured in a challenge be sure to credit the icon properly. If you don't know who to credit, ask.

Monday night is when the new images will be posted.

Participants will have until the following monday at 10PM (central) to submit their 1 to 3 icons using the required images.

Voting will be posted shortly after that and will end the following monday at 5PM(central)

Winners will be posted on Tuesdays.


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