I am so sorry I didn't get these up sooner, I have been insanely busy lately. Anyways, lets at least get the voting up. We didn't really get many icons this round so there will only be one voting post. It will end on Friday in the evening.

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challenge 4;

Since we haven't bee getting a lot of entries lately, dim_quiet and I have decided to change the format around for this place a bit. From this point on, instead of featuring three bases to work from we will provide three pictures in which you can crop your icons however you would like. The same rules apply to these images that bases had-- Only submit one icon per image and three icons in total. I'm hoping this shift might bring a few more entries and give people more creative control.


Okay, so you've got a week. Get them in by Saturday, June 26th 10pm central by submitting to this post.



Since there werent enough entires and I didnt want to extend it again I combined them into one.
Please vote for your top three icons.
Voting will be open for two days.
New theme will be up soon and there is going to be alittle bit of a change.

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