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Another Post So Soon.

After finding out about the stamps, I decided to do a little "research" and noticed that the mods of the lovely _vintagesirens have been MIA. Most haven't posted in their journals, and have most likely forgtten about this lovely community here.
The point of this post, as well as my last post, is to ask what do you all think of the idea of starting new on a different community? Personally, I think that would be a good idea seeing as the mods aren't stamping anymore. If this idea does go through, would anyone be interested in being a co-mod?

[edit] femme_de_cru it is =]
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I was looking back at some entries, and noticed that most of the stamps have been deleted from the photobucket account that had them. I'm guessing that all of us that have applied want to be stamped, and have an actual stamp to prove it, so I'm volunteering myself to make new stamps (help with pictures would be a appreciated, though!) for the entries.

Oh, by the way, this is a new journal, I applied under rushofemotions.
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