December 10th, 2005


Hi there!

I know that talk about things pertaining to vintage sirens is okay here, but I am not sure if this post is. I am posting it here because I don't know of any other place where I can post this request. :) If this isn't okay, just please let me know and I will delete this post. :) Though I make icons, the ones I make are pretty basic and I was wondering if anyone here can make a vintage style icon just for my use. I would love one of Theda Bara and I will show you the pics I want and such if you would like to fulfill the request. :)
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Another little topic. :)

Does anyone know where I could find out how much a "movie card" of Theda Bara is worth? I recently was able to get one, and though I don't think I would get rid of it, I'd like to know the story of it and know how much it is worth. I think it was a promotional card of some sort for one of Theda's movies and it is about the size of a wallet photo. It also says "Theda Bara" on it in a way that seems to be written rather than stamped, but I don't know if those cards came like that or it is an autograph or what. I know it is very old. :) Anyone know where I could get some info on it? :)