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Too lazy to think of a clever subject line...

1. NAME: Megan Crivello-Khan
2. AGE: 24
3. FAVORITE CLASSIC ACTOR(S)(MALES ONLY!): Yul Brynner, Donald O'Connor, Howard Keel
4. 5 FAVORITE FILMS: Singin' in the Rain, Kal Ho Naa Ho, Pan's Labyrinth, The Name of the Rose, The Pillow Book
5. 5 FAVORITE BOOKS: The Name of the Rose, The Divine Comedy, House of Leaves, Eugene Onegin, Watchmen
6. INTERESTS OUTSIDE OF CLASSIC MOVIES: Ballroom dancing, Tai Chi, playing string instruments, singing, speed skating, languages (Latin, Greek), Field Hockey
7. 3 FAVORITE CURRENT ACTRESSES: Preity Zinta, Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet
8. FAVORITE QUOTE: "Papa says that there will always be evil in the world, and it is not evil that destroys evil, but only love." - HRH Grand Duchess Olga Nicolaievna Romanova
9. A FEW ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Good - Sweet, cheerful, intuitive, active, loyal, quick learner. Bad - Judgemental, bad-temper sometimes, kind of a drama queen, prone to distraction
10. FAVORITE SONGS: Please don't make me answer this. I WILL BE HERE ALL NIGHT. :p
11. FAVORITE BANDS and/or SINGERS: I have so many! I like Bollywood soundtracks and French musicals right now. Some specific ones... um... Dar Williams, Bruce Cockburn, Poe, Shaan, Shy'm, Christophe Mae, Ginie Line, Hajime Chitose, Inoue Marina, Tahis, Vasundara Das, Uwe Kroeger, Mika, The Decemberists, Night Ripper, Nick Cave, Ladytron, Music Go Music, SEE I TOLD YOU THERE WERE A LOT. :p
12. ANYTHING MORE YOU THINK WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU!: I love being around people and doing things in a group, even though I can be very fickle and have little patience for stupidity. I'm always the first to try something new, but also the first to want to move onto the next new idea, and I'm very easily distracted by shiny things. Friends say that I'm fun to hang around with, but that's usually after a drink or two. :P I'm super loyal to those I love, but on the flip side I tend to be a bit of a viper once I decide I dislike someone...
13. LINK US TO TWO PLACES WHERE YOU PROMOTED THIS COMMUNITY: Let me get back to you on that... I'll post a link to this community on my LJ tonight when I edit it to reflect the new stamping coms I've joined - that'll be one, and I'll have to think of somewhere else to promote it too... Does anyone already here have a good suggestion of where to promote?

I'm kind of LJ impaired, so in order to avoid the pain and utter heartbreak of broken image links, I'm just going to direct you to a sub-album of my photobucket account, that has some pics of me, mmmkay? Should take no time at all to load, promise. :)

Older pics here
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