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Re-applying (more recent pictures)

<=I'm once more ready for my close-up>
Ü• Le Survey Ü•
1. NAME: Laura
2. AGE: 20
3. FAVORITE CLASSIC ACTOR(S)(MALES ONLY!): Buster Keaton (I really have an intense adoration for this man), Peter Lorre, Clark Gable, Lon Chaney Sr., Claude Rains….and many, many more.
4. 5 FAVORITE FILMS: Five, eh? Uh…okay, here’s a stab: The Big Lebowski, The Bride of Frankenstein, Sweet Smell of Success, Amelie, and Nightmare Before Christmas.
5. 5 FAVORITE BOOKS: Lolita, Great Expectations, The House of the Spirits, Hunchback of Notre-Dame, and Gone With the Wind (this one got me through some tough times in middle school, let me tell you). Oh, and anything by P.G. Wodehouse!
6. INTERESTS OUTSIDE OF CLASSIC MOVIES: Sleeping, eating, ruling the world with my mind—uh, I mean gossiping! Yeah, that’s the ticket.
7. 3 FAVORITE CURRENT ACTRESSES: Ellen Page, Mia Kirshner, and Isabelle Adjani
8. FAVORITE QUOTE: “You sit all night at your computer, drinking diet Dr. Pepper, looking for an answer to it all”—Nerf Herder
9. A FEW ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Affectionate, humorous, lazy, dependent, insecure, daft.
10. FAVORITE SONGS: It changes a lot, but right now I’d have to go with “China Girl” by David Bowie and “Crystal Ball” by Keane
11. FAVORITE BANDS and/or SINGERS: David Bowie, obviously, along with The Pixies, Oingo Boingo, Patti Smith, Patsy Cline, and Interpol. I’m always listening to music, so there are a ton others.
12. ANYTHING MORE YOU THINK WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT YOU!: I can think of a few things you might like, or at least not mind knowing about me, but nothing you’d particularly LOVE. But then again, I don’t know you, do I? You might surprise me.


I was distracted in these first two pictures, that’s why they’re a wee bit goofy:

Camera Mirror 1

2 Camera Mirror


A bit crazy-faced here, but what can one do?

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