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_vintagelayouts's Journal

Vintage Layouts
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This community is members only

This is a community for free, premade layouts and graphics. All layouts are made by the mods so credit is necessary. It is always appreciated if you put one of our promotion banners in your userinfo, if you take a layout/graphic, but it is not required.
*Not all layouts are compatible with Mozilla Firefox*

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Always credit
- Always comment when taking a layout or graphic
- Requests go under a cut
- Use the request forms!
- No hotlinking, upload to your own server
- Do not redistribute layouts
- If you customize a layout, still credit for the overrides
- Must put color codes in requests, or we will pick any random color (Layouts Only)
- MAKE ALL POSTS FRIENDS-ONLY If the post is not friends-only it will not be accepted
- In all requests, put “Danielle and Bianca are the best, so please do my request” So we know that you read the rules

How to Credit:
<*lj user="_vintagelayouts"*> (remove the stars).

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Graphic Request Form

Layouts Request Form

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com