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Vintage Life

For those that live it

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This is a community for anyone and everyone that lives or wants to live a vintage lifestyle. This community promotes everything vintage from cars, to hairstyles, to clothing, to furniture, to homes, to ideals, to music. You can share anything that you would like from your life or from a time past. Pictures and stories are encouraged!

I would really love to see some men join this community...so please let your vintage men know they are welcome!

Ebay auctions are not tolerated or allowed. This is a community for sharing, not advertising. That being said, private sales are ok as long as they are related to the community. However, links to selling journals is also not permitted. By private sales, I mean a few items here and there.

When you join, please introduce yourself! Let us know who you are and why you are joining.

Also, if you want to include more than one photo on your post please use a cut tag. And if your photos are wider than 675 pixels, please use a cut or the post will be deleted. Thanks!

If you want to post but are unsure on how to use a cut tag, follow this link:


And please, spread the word of our lovely community...

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