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Democratic Victory in 2008

Fight for Democracy

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"I promise you, that time will come, the time will come, the election will come, when your work and your ballots will change the world. And it's worth fighting for."
-Senator John F. Kerry

Looking for writers: Victory 2008 is looking for more political writers (of a liberal inclination). Anyone interested please e-mail me nolastkiss@bellsouth.net

This community was created for the purpose of uniting Democrats of every race, gender, social background, location, and even of conflicting views. I encourage any discussions relevant to the 2008 elections. I invite you to bring other outside topics as well, as long as they are not derogatory in nature to the members of this community. I also welcome any open debates on politics, candidates (possible ones, or current ones), morals, and anything else of relevance. I only ask to be considerate of the other members.

There is no application needed to join, so I must ask that you follow certain rules. I do not wish to implement such a change in this community as creating applications. Please follow these rules, and we will not have any problems:

1. No Republican or Anti-Democratic propaganda is to be posted. There are plenty of Republican communities on which you can do that. This isn’t the place.

2. Although debates are welcome, do not slander or use derogatory comments towards any member of this community. Remember, we are all Democrats striving for similar goals. Don’t get sidetracked by the small differences.

3. If your posting is significantly long, please place under an lj-cut. If you are not sure how to do this, please read this FAQ.

Repeated incidents of rule breaking will cause in termination of your membership to this community. Thank you.



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