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Media taking the road of least resistence?

Had you read any media coverage of the RNC and Sarah Palin, in particular? In fact, have you read any political media since she was pronounced a Republican VP candidate?

A few things should become as strangely apparent as the media's self-torture over the real or perceived wrongs they had themselves heaped on this poor girl-next-door-turned-Republican-rising-star Sarah Palin.

Everywhere you look you see media pundits attacking the media (who? themselves?) for not being friendly to Sarah Palin.

Here's Ben Shapiro screaming of the sexist treatment of Sarah Palin in print, and National Review's Yuval Levin attack on what he saw as "A Shameful Week for Press", and the Telegraph's Janet Daley comparing Sarah Palin's Treatment by Media to Margaret Thatcher's

Wherever you look you see media attacking its own coverage of Sarah Palin. Is this some sort of a new Sado-masochistic fashion that has embroiled our MSM in the desire to out-self-lynch the other media outlets? Is this the guilt trip of realizing they're not being gentlemanly to a pretty lady? And if there are so many angry condemnations of the Palin condemnators, how come there are more of the former than there are of the latter? And how come all we see is this outright gushing over Mrs. Palin from every corner of the MSM, which drowns the few realistic voices, which rightfully and justifiably point to Sarah Palin's hypocricy, inexperience, and downright extreme religious fundamentalism?

But, perhaps, as Joe Cline of Time states Media are just doing their job?

Perhaps, we should ask ourselves a question: why should anyone really feel angry at media vetting a VP candidate? Or is it because the campaign themselves failed to vet her? Is the media forced to ask tough questions because McCain's people failed to do so? Or maybe the very amazement at a presidential candidate naming a running mate who he's met only ONCE before passes for savagery these days?

Or, perhaps, calling Sarah Palin for what she is, an inexperienced-girl-next-door-Christian-fundamentalist-anti-choice-anti-gay-right-hypocrite-authoritarian-governor-corrupt-politician-befriending-earmarks-requesting-flip-flopper-two-years-removed-from-a-tiny-town-mayorship Republican VP candidate, is somehow unbecoming for our media?

If Political News Media did not ask these absolutely necessary questions, they would not be media any more than gossip columns or obituaries. And for campaigns, their cheerleaders, or political pundits to feel offended by this is a true subversion of freedom of speech and, dare I say it, Democracy.
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