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Victoria Beckham Fan

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Welcome to Victoria Beckham Fan!
This community is dedicated to Victoria Beckham and her entire family.
You will always find the latest Victoria News here! We are currently, and will stay the biggest VB community!

1.) Do not start fights with the other members please.
2.) Do not spam other communities, it will only be deleted and reported to livejournal.
3.) Be sure to promote!

"This person they make me out to be irritates the hell out of me as well."
-Victoria Beckham, on how she is portrayed in the press.

Victoria Caroline Adams was born April 17, 1974, in Hertfordshire, England. She has two siblings, brother Christian and sister Louise, while parents, Jackie and Tony, ran a successful electrical wholesale business and were well off by most standards.

As a child, Victoria was surprisingly lonely; other children often teased her because of her acne and she would even ask her father not to drop her off in front of school so as not to be seen in the family's Rolls-Royce.

Such a personality made her an unlikely candidate for pop stardom, but she found herself in a band while in school. She studied at the Jason Theatre School as a child and then moved on to the Laine Arts Theatre College, where she also dabbled in dance and modeling.

Although her original band never took off, her life was forever changed when she decided to answer an ad in The Stage that was looking for five women who could sing and dance to form a group.

Little did Victoria know that this ad would lead to a group called the Spice Girls, which would eventually leave an indelible mark in music history.

Released in 1996, the Spice Girls' first single, "Wannabe," and their debut album, Spice, were smash hits in the US and abroad. Victoria, along with her band mates Emma, Geri, and the two Mels, became instant household names, with success that changed the face of pop culture and gave new meaning to "girl power."

With hits like "2 Become 1" and "Spice Up Your Life," the Spice Girls went on to sell over 40 million albums and 25 million singles worldwide, igniting a worldwide phenomenon in the process.

But this mega success was relatively short-lived. Worldwide tours, millions of albums sold, and a movie (Spiceworld) later, Geri "Ginger Spice" Halliwell decided to split from the Girls in May 1998, leaving a huge void in the group.

After the remaining foursome released Forever in 2000, which was met with lukewarm sales, the Spice Girls decided to split up and pursue solo projects. Taking some time off and falling in love in the process, Victoria "Posh Spice" Adams wed soccer star David Beckham in July 1999, and together they have two sons, Brooklyn and Romeo.

She also released an autobiography, titled Learning To Fly. In 2001, she released her first solo album, Victoria Beckham, which has spawned the singles "Not Such An Innocent Girl" (which unfortunately was clobbered on the charts by Kylie Minogue's comeback single) and "A Mind Of Its Own."

When she isn't recording songs or tending to her family, Victoria loves shopping and taking care of her three Yorkshire Terriers. She is currently working on her upcoming singles and continues to live a happy life as Mrs. Victoria Beckham. It ain't over till it's over, and Victoria Beckham is determined to juggle both career and motherhood while calling all the shots in the process.

While most of her former group members have already done so, Victoria is next in line to prove to the world that there is life after the Spice Girls. But history has shown that many members of a group have a hard time launching solo careers, and Victoria is no exception; she has ways to go before making an independent name for herself.

Not that she's too worried: marriage and children have allowed Victoria to put her life into perspective and reaching number 1 on the charts is the least of her concerns. Still, her first single did climb the charts, and with hard work, she could easily reclaim the pop throne.

As if her stardom isn't enough, not even two children could take away from Victoria's sleek figure. This 5'6" bombshell is still every photographer's dream, and still a darling of the British tabloids (more so now that she's married to native soccer sensation, David Beckham).

But proving to be one of the more headstrong of the Girls, Victoria always handles herself with grace, dignity, and sophistication. Her future looks to be very "posh" indeed.

Although her recent solo debut makes her a novice to some extent, Victoria Beckham knows a thing or two about the business, and she knows what it takes to reach the musical summit. Her permanent status as part of a pop dynasty means she already made a name for herself and therefore has less to prove to the public.

More importantly, though, is that she has the kind of personality one needs in the music biz. It has been reported that Victoria was the most organized and professional one in the group. If this is accurate, then it looks like she'll need no help in conquering the charts once again.

But the bottom line is that Beckham just wants to make music without the emphasis on commercial success, a gutsy yet sensible approach given that she already has fame and fortune.

Let us say, without any reservation, that Posh was the undisputed sexiest member of the group. Let us count the ways:

No other Spice Girl stared into the camera with such enticing (not to mention inviting) expressions. Whether Beckham is on stage, in a video, or on the cover of a magazine, she can contort her facial muscles in the most provocative way, like she's undressing us with her eyes (and vice versa).

On a more tangible scale, Victoria Beckham lets her sexuality seep through her clothes, or lack thereof, and gives men everywhere reason to stop and stare. She commands attention, and is confident and self-assured. Beckham is a real woman, and one of the sexiest artists to ever enter the music scene. Now if only she wasn't married with children...

How does one define an accomplishment whereby 40 million albums are sold in less than five years and nine singles hit number 1 in the UK alone? We define that as phenomenal and you have to give Posh some of the credit (at least 20% of it).

As one of the Spice Girls, Victoria will forever be known as a cultural icon whose songs and image redefined pop music for years to come.

And with that comes the daunting task of being an A-list superstar, even if such high status was short-lived.

What Victoria needs to do is prove that she doesn't need to live off her past to stay in the limelight, and she is on the right track having already released a self-titled debut album.

With her chiseled features, it's safe to say that Victoria Beckham is a one of a kind, stunning creature. Her brown hair and eyes give her that sleek, Mediterranean vibe, and her thin yet alluring lips give her a sassy appeal that remains unrivaled by her former group members.

But as natural beauties go, Victoria's claim to fame is that she is naturally provocative; her long, silky frame is an awesome presence, as are her posture and demeanor.

She is naturally compelling, and not just because of her features, but rather how she uses them to maximize her allure.

Apparently, "less" means more in Victoria Beckham's dictionary. It's all about showing her thighs and cleavage, and sporting heels almost as long as her legs. But is anyone complaining? Hers is the body that fashion magazines are made for; she could very well have a second career as a runway model.

It's no wonder then, that Victoria has sported just about every designer name since her rise to fame. Whether she's clad in Gucci, Prada or D&G, she has that skimpy yet glamorous appeal, and no one can pull it off like her.

One of the reasons she's so convincing in her clothes is because they blend well with her personality ("Posh" was her nickname, after all). When we see Victoria, we see a woman with pizzazz, both inside and out.

"Let Your Head Go/This Groove"
Released: December 29, 2003

"This Groove/Let Your Head Go"
Released: December 29, 2003

"A Mind Of It's Own (Single & DVD Single)"
Released: February 11, 2002

Victoria Beckham (Album)
Released: October 1, 2001

"Not Such An Innocent Girl (Single & DVD Single)"
Released: September 17, 2001

"Out Of Your Mind (Feat Dane Bowers)"
Released: August 14, 2000

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