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The World Is Quiet Here

Memento Mori

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Very Faithful Detectives
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Have you ever wondered just what the message in the sugar bowl is?
Why are there so many families with three children?
What were on the other pages of the Quagmire's commonplace books?
What will Lemony Snicket discover in his final book and research?
Were there clues in the Unfortunte movie, and will there be more?
What happened to Quigley Quagmire?
What happened to Isadora and Duncan and the self sustaining hot air balloon?
Are the hidden clues that you haven't found yet?
Do you want more information, or a discussion forum where you can share your research with fellow volunteers?

Why was Mr Snicket's death publsihed in the newspaper?
Why has Mr Snicket dedicated his life to the Baudelaire case?
Why does Count Olaf have a tattoo of an eye on his left ankle?
Where are the Quagmire Triplets now?
Who is Beatrice?
What is V.F.D.?
Why is there a secret passageway between the Baudelaire mansion and 667 Dark Avenue?
Why isn't Poe as helpful as he ought to be?
Why is Lemony Snicket on the run?
How many associates does Count Olaf have?
Are the Baudelaire parents really dead?
Is there anything a concerned citizen can do if he or she wants to help the Baudelaires?
Who is Lemony Snicket?

Do you want to know?

This commmunity is currently under construction
If you would like to join please comment or e-mail
We're searching for answers and uncovering hidden clues

The idea for this community came to light when a volunteer was reading a book which mentioned the singer Isadora Duncan, the previously mentioned volunteer then began to wonder how many other hidden clues and secrets there were that they had overlooked and were yet to discover.
To aid in their research, the volunteer decided to recruit fellow volunteers who could find messages this community founding member volunteer could not.
If you would like to become a fellow volunteer and race the clock to find out the vfd secrets before book the 13th release on Friday, October 13, click here
It doesn't all have to all be research though, make coded posts or ask trivia questions

title or description

title or description
asoue, aunt josephine, baudelaire, baudelaire orphans, baudelaires, beatrice, biting, brett helquist, cakesniffers, cooking, curdled cave, daniel handler, dr. montgomery montgomery, duncan quagmire, emily browning, eye tattoos, fires, heart shaped balloons, herpetology, hotel denoument, inventing, isadora duncan, isadora quagmire, isadora's poems, jacques snicket, jerome squalor, kit snicket, klaus baudelaire, klaus's glasses, lemony snicket, lewis carroll, liam aiken, memento mori, mr. baudelaire, mrs. baudelaire, mushrooms, mycology, notebooks, orphans, parsley soda, poetry, puttanesca sauce, quagmire, quagmires, quigley quagmire, reading, red herrings, ribbons, roast beef, scream and run away, series of unfortunate events, siblings, snicket, sugar bowls, sunny baudelaire, sunny's teeth, teeth, the austere academy, the bad beginning, the baudelaire fortune, the baudelaire orphans, the blank book, the carnivorous carnival, the daily punctilio, the ersatz elevator, the grim grotto, the hostile hospital, the marvelous marriage, the miserable mill, the penultimate peril, the quagmire triplets, the quagmires, the reptile room, the slippery slope, the snicket file, the vile village, the wide window, triplets, unauthorized autobiographies, uncle monty, v.f.d, v.f.d., v.f.d. headquaters, various facial disguises, very fancy doilies, vfd, violet baudelaire, violet's ribbon, volunteer factual dispatches, volunteer fire detectives, volunteers, world is quiet here, z.i.t.s., zombies in the snow

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