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Thought some volunters might find this interesting, copied directly from, let me know what you think about the pieces that don't quite fit together...

"Count Olaf was involved in Beatrice's death. Fire also played a part into it.
Lemony Snicket spent over 15 years trying to warn Beatrice about Count Olaf.
She died soon after meeting Lemony Snicket. (15 years...? Read above....)
She has left behind an important 'legacy'.
Esme Squalor feels that Beatrice stole something from her and that steeling the Baudelaires' inheritance will make up for that.
Beatrice met Esme Squalor on a Thursday afternoon at tea.
"Carrie E. Abelabudite" is an anagram for 'Beatrice Baudelaire'
From ASOUE Online: Who is Beatrice?
"...I entered the grand ballroom, I felt as if Lemony Snicket had disappeared. I was wearing clothes I had never worn before... I felt like a different person. And because I felt like a different person, I dared to approach a woman I had been forbidden to see for the rest of my life. She was alone on teh veranda... and costumed as a dragonfly... As my puruers scurried around the party, trying to guess which guest was me, I slipped out onto the veranda, and gave here the message I'd been trying ot give her for fifteen long and lonely years. "Beatrice," I cried, Count Olaf is"
"I cannot go on. It makes me weep to think of that evening, and of the dark and desperate times that followed..."
The Austere Academy, pages 167-168
"And I would hop like nobody has ever hopped before if I could go back to that terrible Thursday, and stop Beatrice from attending that afternoon tea with Esmé squalor for the first time."
Hostile Hospital, pg 33
Beatrice is a very mysterious character. There are two main theories as to who she is:
Beatrice is the Baudelaire's Mom:
"Ah," Jerome said, "you're adventurous! Your mother was adventurous too. [Mrs. Baudelaire] You know, she and I were very good friends a ways back. We hiked up Mount Fraught with some friends- gosh it must have been twenty years ago. Mt Fraught was kown for having dangerous animals on it, but your mohter wasn't afraid. But then, swooping out of the sky-" The Ersatz Elevator, page 27
By itself, this passage doesn't seem important, but when linked to this one...
"I have seen many amazing things in my long and troubled life history. I have seen a series of corridors built entirely out of human skulls. I have seen a volcano erupt and send a wall of lava crawling toward a small village. I have seen a a woman I loved picked up by an enormous eagle and flown to its high mountain nest." The Wide Window, pg 126
You make the connection, but obviously Lemony Snicket loved Beatrice.
Even more evidense: Klaus says to Aunt Josephine in The Wide Window that his mother could whistle with crackers in her mouth, and her special was Mozart's Fourteenth Symphony. Take a look at this quote:
"But the most dispiriting replacement is that of the lead actress. My faithful readers will realize that I am somewhat prejudiced in this case, as I am engaged to be married to the original actress, but last night's performance by Emse (?- her last name was smudged in the program) was simply dreadful. She cannot act. She cannot sing. And she cannot whistle Mozart's fourteenth symphony, as the play -the original play, that is- requires." Lemony Snicket's Unauthorized Autobiography" page 79
Also, in The Hostile Hospital One of the names found on the list is Carrie E. Abelabudite. If you rearrange the letters you get Beatrice Baudelaire. The Hostile Hospital, pg 158
Beatrice is not the Baudelaire's Mom:
In the Erstaz Elevator, Jerome never says the Baudelaire's mom was carried away by the eagle.
Another thing that doesn't make sense is the timing of Beatrice's death. Several times throughout the series it mentions "The Baudelaires thought about that terrible morning..." etc. But in The Hostile Hospital, it reads
"You might read a book on how to have a successful marriage, when the only woman you will ever love has married someone else and then perished one terrible afternoon." The Hostile Hospital, page 196
The Baudelaire's Mom and Dad died in the morning, while Beatrice died in the afternoon"

there seems to be a stronger arguement for beatrice baudelaire than not. However some things still don't fit. I can see how Lemony could be trying to warn Beatrice for 15 years without meeting her, however, i don't see how they could have been engaged if the play story is to work also. can anyone else see details that i can't in the above theories presented?
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