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Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you all that I have a Series of Unfortunate Events Blog Crew started! So, if anyone wants to join, just go Here.

Please tell me if this is allowed or not. If it isn't, I can delete it. >

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Dear reader,
It seems you have stumbled upon the regrettable promotion for the community thesomberstamps . I am afraid that this community would judge you, and force you to accept the fact that you might be Violet, Klaus, Sunny.......even Count Olaf.
In order to spare you any further repulsion, it would be best not to mention the unpleasant details of this community. Particularly the weekly polls, and ratings of other sorroful people who come along.
Unfortunately, I have dedicated my life to researching and recording the sad tale of the Baudelaire Orphans. There is no reason for you to dedicate youself to such a community. You would be much better off joining a community on inspirational quotes, or puppies. I suggest you move on to something better.
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the book cover

Kit Canes Brae


Where can I find discussions on The Beatrice Letters and the Anagram* Letters??????

I'm DYING to talk to someone!!

*I think the answer is Kit Canes Brae, meaning that Kit is going to find her brother and beat him with a cane as punishment for communicating with stupid anagrams instead of just saying "Dude, I'm over here." Oh yeah, and the rest of my frustrations are here.
The Penultimate Peril

4 months til book the thirteenth!!

WOAH, man, my theories have been turned on their head, if you're interested visit the wikipedia website and search for asoue stuff, or copy the below link into the bar and check out some things i wuld never have thought

- be warned, if you go to the bottom of page links, for example OTHER; mysterious names and initials, there are a few spoilers - there seems to be someone who may have book thirteen info, and some useful/interesting info about where character names came from - for example the one ive mentioned previously about Isadora Duncan, the dancer.

If you find some other sites or some interesting info that i haven't mentioned [didn't have time to read all wikipedia site] then pls make a post so we can all share the info

with all due respect, J
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The Penultimate Peril

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Thought some volunters might find this interesting, copied directly from thequietworld.com, let me know what you think about the pieces that don't quite fit together...

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there seems to be a stronger arguement for beatrice baudelaire than not. However some things still don't fit. I can see how Lemony could be trying to warn Beatrice for 15 years without meeting her, however, i don't see how they could have been engaged if the play story is to work also. can anyone else see details that i can't in the above theories presented?

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Just a quick post to say I'm really excited about hopefully discussing asoue and finding some people who can help me with answers to my questions.
Maybe together we can work it out! coz i know i can't do it alone!
The Penultimate Peril

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I had a theory, well i have many theories, most of the time i think i've worked it out and i do a full 180 and end up back where i started. All i'm left with are questions!
Can you help me, or even add more confusion.
I did have a theory that perhaps Mrs Baudelaire was Kitty, but that didn't work.
I get confused about just how old L Snicket is, is he alive at the same time as the Baudelaires? Well, he must be because Kitty, his sister is, and Jacques, his brother was. But why then, in I can't remember which book - I shall have to look it up, does he talk about a box which has a key, inside the box is another box, in that is a map of the Baudelaire's neighbourhood with notations all over it.
Why would his forefathers be investigating the Baudelaire fire if it had not yet occurred?
As for the triplets theory, does this mean that Olaf himself has two other siblings? and in turn does that mean you have to be from a family of three to be a volunteer? It appears that way. The Baudelaires, The Quagmires, the sisters from the acting troop.
Where did all the fortunes come from? Are they old money or new? How did the families have time to earn such large quantities of money/diamonds etc. if they spend their time fighting fire?
Do the Baudelaires die in the 13th book? Snicket speaks with much conviction that they never return to a certain park they frequented as children. How would he know this if he is alive at he same time? Or do they live the remainder of their life in the self-sustaining hot air balloon? Or does that park end up on fire?
How can this end well? Will good really overcome evil, or will they try to co-exist?!!

Most importantly, how will Handler fit all these answers into the one book. I'm afraid that perhaps we may reach the end of the series with more questions that answers