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Rules for Applicants
×after joining, you have 48 hours to post your application
×use a el-jay cut.
×fill out ALL of the application
(if you dont we will delete your app)
×if you are rejected you can apply again
×please, dont post other things until you get a stamp on your application
×put '996611' in the subject line of your app
(this lets us know you read the rules)

Rules for Members
×dont forget your in this community
(post every now &then)
×this isnt your journal.its a community
(dont tell us your day-to-day life.we dont care.post interesting things &pictures)
×put your vote in the subject box of your comment
(it makes things clearer for us mods to read)

01. Name?
02. Age?
03. Girl -OR- Guy?
04. Location?
05. Fav Bands [10]?
06. Hate Bands [5]?
07. Fav Movies [3]?
09. Why should we accept you?
10. Tell us a little about you
11. Where did you promote?
13. And you HAVE to have at least 3 Pictures of you (one showing your whole face and one a silly picture)

Once accepted you can accept or not accept other applicants.
After 1 day all the votes will be counted and youll be accepted or not. but my vote concers all!

If Accepted

If Rejected