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Vagina Dentata {live nude grrls}

because our pussies have FANGS

_Vagina Dentata_
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Vagina Dentata
a pro-porn feminist community with fangs

creator: _tropicalia
moderators: __seventeen__, _tropicalia

·Does it seem like you can't get along with a single moderator in any photo community you join?
·Have you ever had a moderator play favorites...not in your favor?
·Are you always getting snide remarks because you stand up for yourself when creepy men and women harass or disrespect you?
·Has a moderator ever told you to sit back and take such disrespect because, after all, you DO post undressed/nude pictures of yourself on the internet?
·Are you afraid to join other communities because of fascist beauty standards?

I started this community because I can answer "yes" to all of those questions.

Lately I've had to ban a few assholes. Let it be known: discussion is fine, heated and otherwise, but hatespeech, trolling, namecalling, and obscene implications (i.e. - accusing someone of being a Nazi because they don't agree with you) are grounds for immediate banning.

_Vagina Dentata_ is a place for women (transgendered females, too!), feminist/radically minded males (trans men, too!), and intersexed people of all shades, shapes, and physical conditions to post photos of themselves in various states of undress, as well as a place to discuss our issues with the Livejournal sex community, women's issues, sexual issues, and rant on related subjects. Come here to get your sex questions answered by sexually liberated women who don't always have male pleasure in mind.

A few ground rules:
· Let's keep those pic posts friends locked, please, and do the lj-cut on more than one photo.
· Sexy photos only, please. Nudity is 100% optional, of course, but there are other communites for fully-clothed modeling/camwhoring.
· Couple sets are fine - we'd love to see pictures of you and your lover/s! But no hidden camera stuff, please. Boo for nonconsentuality.
· Promoting your amateur site/related community is just fine. :) READ: related communities would be feminist communities and body-positive photo communities. Proper sites would be your personal site - NO straight out ads for porn sites, alternaporn included. But please, be a part of the community, too. Promoting ratings communities is a HUGE FUCKING NO-NO.
· Harassment and abuse will not be tolerated, and neither will trolling. This is a big "duh".
· Another big DUH: 18+ only!

We welcome punk girls, goth girls, handicapped girls, hippie girls, MTV girls, girls with scars, amputee girls, hairy girls, big girls, every girl. You are ALL beautiful.

Men are also welcome here, but I won't lie - you're under the microscope. We'd love to hear your perspectives on the issues discussed, and people always love feedback on their photos, but keep it in your pants. By joining this community, you obligate yourself to be respectful and nonthreatening, sexually or otherwise, to any of the women present. If you make a comment that offends or upsets a woman, you WILL be dealt with. We don't want to hear about how hard your dick is, okay?