May 29th, 2006

Sardionerak with his lemon concentrate l

City 2 Surf - 13 August 2006

Alright: who's running? I've been living in Sydney since 2003, and this will be my fourth time running. I think I will get some special medal to run it for the fifth time next year. But the question is:
will YOU run? I've been running for the UTS team for the past three years, and it was always good fun. Alright, last year they really stuffed up the applications big time, and instead of my red starter ticket (that's for the people who made it under 100 min the last time they raced) I got a yellow ticket (for everyone who hasn't run or wasn't fast enough), and I also had to pick it up on the day which really annoyed me. But the years before it was cool, because we all met before hand, and our group was HUGE!
You also get a nice T-Shirt! Well, hehe, usually they order too many, and then you can get one for $5 after the race and pretend that you were among the fit people ;-)
The race itself is 14km long, and there are literally tens of thousands of people running besides you. It's a really nice feeling to be part of this. There are also drink stations on the way (for free).
Here are my times:
2003: 174 min (yes, I know, terrible, but I had just semi-recovered from a serious flu bug)
2004: 84 min (wow, was I proud)
2005: 96 min (damn you, lack of preparation)

My goal for this year is under 80 min!
By the way, don't plan to run in a big group, keep it to one friend maximum! There are so many people running, and half of the time you actually dodge around people, so bigger groups get split up very quickly.
Hope to see some of you there! I will be the one with the German-looking head (see my icon)!