March 6th, 2006

army osaka

Anime@UTS plug

Sorry, plugging anime club events here! Club membership is $5 for union members and $10 for non union members. You can sign up at the union desk or at one of our screenings.

Screening details.Collapse )

In other news, I heard the film society Sprocket is trying to start up again this year. If anyone is interested in helping them out, please contact Kevin at kkm_wong @


I've lost a visual communications reader (lecture notes), if anyone finds it please hand it in to security.

Title: VC Tech: Visible Language Workbook
CN number: 2253
Cost: $10.00
Description: Beige/puce colour on the cover with 4 square shapes. A4 size.

If you find it please hand it in to security and email me: