February 22nd, 2006

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so, i'm a new student this year studying a bachelor of fashion, design and textiles, and am in the middle of one of the world's greatest dilemnas. at the moment i'm living at home. home being in the blue mountains. yes, the blue mountains.. yes, an easy two-hour train ride west.
has anyone else commuted this distance for uni before?
i'm just so nervous that this distance is going to limit my chances of making new friends (i know no one in my course, let alone the entire uni) because i won't be around to go to the same places as them, having work to go to still and all. actually, this is ending up less like a question and more like a couple of paragraphs of my complaining. i could complain more, i could.

how about:
-the amount of girls on the first orientation day who wore shorts, thongs and singlet shirts with their hair in ponytails. is a cloning factory located on campus that i have yet to stumble upon? surely these girls did not have the same garments thrown up upon them by seperate wardrobes?
-did i smell marijuana smoke upon going downstairs to the glasshouse bar? guys, giving uni students a bad name before the term even starts
-and how about..

i'll stop.
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