August 2nd, 2005

[camelia] what does love love?


Here we are, then. A LJ community for UTS. (This weird patriotic thing that USyd and UNSW have one and we don't was bugging me.)

Can't believe it's Spring semester already. Where did my holidays go? *sigh*

Anyway! Any kind of discussion welcome, as long as there is no nasty stuff. Being nice and all that.
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Hey Hey
Just thought Id say hiya.Im sure our lj will rival that of any other so called university in these here parts, no doubt. Today's lecture was mad. Just made you think, Hmmmm. Yknow? And then there was that uber Mad Captain Planet anti-VSU clip. THat has got the be the funniest thing Ive seen in a long time, and congrats to anyone who made it. I do hope the students association posts a link or something it, because it was so worth the five or so minutes of my life. :) Anyway, back to avoid readers (Bad Panda! I know!) and television which will corrupt my brain and soul (while the readers will, no doubt, enrich it on so many levels... anyone else see anything morally disturbing with that?)
- Beaney
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stormy sydney

Out of Uts already, but you know...

Hi guys,
just thought I'd join this community even though I already left uni. I was an exchange student there last year, starting exactly today (aug. 2) my semester abroad. Too bad there wasn't this community back then! Oh well, I'll stick around anyway, don't kick me out ok? ;)

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