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[Show] Family Values Tour + Hyde

Tickets are now on-sale for 10 of the Family Values Tour (feat. Dir en grey) shows, including:

7/27/06 Virginia Beach, VA
7/29/06 Nashville, TN
7/30/06 Atlanta, GA
8/04/06 San Antonio, TX
8/15/06 Denver, CO
8/18/06 Phoenix, AZ
8/20/06 Sacramento, CA
8/24/06 Kansas City, KS
8/26/06 East Troy, WI (Chicago)
9/15/06 Camden , NJ

Other shows will go on sale on June 3rd. Check the website for purchase info.

Dir en grey will join the Family Values Tour starting August 4th. Tickets start as low as $9.99.

EDIT: There are now 3 new dates for Hyde's west coast tour.

7/02 Anaheim, CA
7/03 Hollywood, CA
7/05 San Francisco, CA
7/06 San Francisco, CA

As always, visit the official site for info.