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Wow this is hella late and I apologize for it. Kinda got a bit too into maple story I guess. So yeah heres my staff pick and the request that I never put up.

First off is Blaze Away by The Trax. Hmm good little single by them. End of the World is the dopest song ever seriously. Too bad Rose (the drumer/rapper) left the band.  Hmm whatever though. I dont even know if this is japanese or not.

The Trax-Blaze Away
1. Blaze Away
2. End of the World
3. It's a Monster

Hmm for my staff pick im uploading an album from a band called Merry. Merry's sound is kinda like the non-screamy, non sell-out Dir en Grey with alot of jazz influence. Maybe cause their lead singer is a disciple of Kyo from Diru. So yeah heres their album Nu Chemical Rhetoric.

Merry-Nu Chemical Rhetoric
1. Diji Note
2. Kubitsuri Rondo
3. Mesai No Shinsen
4. Dekiai no Suisou
5. Bara to Katasumi no Blues
6. Kanashimi no Blue Train
7. Atashi wa Suteneko
8. Shambara
9. Nisemono Tengoku
10. Refrain (Doyoubi no Namida)
11. Karappo no Uta

Oh yeah this is kinda a random question but does anyone out there have a video i-pod? I need help cause I just got one and I cant figure out how to get videos on it. Well I can get the video on it but theres no sound. So yeah someone help please ^__^