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Hitomi Shimatani - Best of

Delicious!~The Best of Hitomi Shimatani~スペシャル・パッケージ

I don't really listen to much Hitomi Shimatani, but fans of her definitely shouldn't miss this for obvious reasons! ^_^ Catchy, emotionally driven music + powerful and unique vocals. If you're new to her, this is a pretty good album I would recommend if you would like to try out her music.

01 解放区
02 パピヨン~Papillon~
03 市場に行こう
04 Fantasista
05 やさしいキスの見つけ方
06 シャンティ
07 亜麻色の髪の乙女
08 A.S.A.P.~as soon as possible~
09 いつの日にか…
10 Poinsettia
11 赤い砂漠の伝説
12 元気を出して
13 Perseus -ペルセウス-
14 La Fiesta
15 YUME日和

Please comment when you download and most importantly, buy the CD to support the artist if you like the music!
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ROTATION: Utada Hikaru

Utada Hikaru - Exodus

The tracks are over here.

01. Opening
02. Devil Inside
03. Exodus '04
04. The Workout
05. Easy Breezy
06. Tippy Toe
07. Hotel Lobby
08. Animato
09. Crossover Interlude
10. Kremlinn Dusk
11. You Make Me Want to be a Man
12. Wonder 'Bout
13. Let Me Give You My Love
14. About Me


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4. Please buy the CD to support the artist if you like the music!
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Request: Gackt - The Seventh Night ~Unplugged~

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[music| Gackt - 「Kimi ga Matteiru kara ~unplugged~」]

Ok So is this early? I'm not entirely sure. I'm doing this early since the next couple months i'll be working a steady 9-5 job in a Research lab. Anyways...getting to the point. The regular versions of these songs are great but are even better now that they're acoustic versions! I'm guessing this came at a time when Gakt discovered the magic of acoustic instruments and his singing. IMO Papa lapped a pap lopped sounds a lot better unplugged. Anyways a great CD, i highly reccomend it. Well then again i recommend everything that I own.

BTW this is on savefile...since YSI decided to say it wouldn't upload..that's utter garbage.

To the Rules:
01. Comment if you d/l
02. Support the artists! You wouldn't want people stealing from you if you were a talented artist now would you?
03. Comment if anything goes wrong
04. Enjoy.
05. I'll be watching you...if the d/ls outnumber the comments greatly, the links will suddenly disappear.

What is up with the layout? I'm guessing LJ doesn't like our layout?

[EDIT] I love how savefile tells me there are 14 60 d/ls and only 4 comments on d/ls. Just keeping you informed.

01. Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto
02. Mind Forest
03. Kimi ga Matteiru kara
04. Suna no hoshi
05. Kono Dare mo Inai Heya de
06. U+K
07. Papa lapped a pap lopped
08. Mirror
09. uncertain memory
10. Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume
11. Last Song