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REQUEST: Fushigi Yuugi Characters' Vocal Memories

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ROTATION: Final Fantasy VII: Advant Children, Final Fantasy XII, & Tennis no Oujisama

Due to the Anime NEXT and the amount of files that needed to be uploaded (9 CDs in total), it took a while and I'm sorry about that. I'm still in the process of uploading the rest of the tracks but life is a mess and I hope I'll finish. If I don't... well, don't want the links I've already uploaded to go to waste. Anyway... let's get this show on the road.

The final disc (disc 4) of FFXII OST IS UPLOADED.

Final Fantasy VII: Advant Children Original Soundtrack
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Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack
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Tennis no Oujisama - Dream Live 2nd
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Tennis no Oujisama - Theatrical Original Soundtrack
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01. Please comment when downloading, you have the time to click the link and download the file, you have the time to type one word and click post.
02. Next round is staff pick, so no request will be accepted.
03. All files are for sampling purposes only.
04. Please buy the CD to support the artist if you like the music.
05. Please comment to inform me anything wrong/needs to be changed

... And just a personal point of view. Other people requested these albums so that they can sample the music to see if they will like it or not. So PLEASE don't post things like 'this album sucks' or 'I hate it.' Let the others decide for themselves what they like, not to mention I think it's terribly impolite to the uploader who took the time out to upload the files.
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Rotation: Kiyokiba Shunsuke

A day early because I won't have time to do it tomorrow.

Kiyokiba Shunsuke - Kiyokiba Shunsuke

01. キャップアップ
02. 愚説
03. なにもできない
04. キミが好きだから
05. 進め
06. いつか…
07. 例えば…ボクが。
08. 意味の無いI LOVE YOU
09. さよなら愛しい人よ…
10. それっ!
11. 唄い人
12. ありがとう

Savefile doesn't seem to work sometimes so in case that happens, I've uploaded it to YSI as well. Download from wherever you want.

Comment if downloading. Support the artist by buying his CD if you like what you hear.


蒼井 優 : air clouds

Mika Nakashima + Nakanomori Band

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[music| Utada Hikaru - This Is Love]

I hope it's ok to post this rotation up early, since it's highly impossible I'll be able to upload anything over the next week or so. This rotation features two of my very favourite artists! Both albums are UBER HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Nakanomori Band - Oh My Darlin' ~Girls Having Fun~
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I'M FREAKING IN LOVE WITH NAKANOMORI BAND. I love every single of theirs and this album is no exception too. Their upbeat songs and soft ballads are both very nice to listen to, coupled with excellent and powerful vocals. The ballads, especially, give off Michelle Branch-ish feel. I call this seriously addictive girl rock that you shouldn't miss! ^_^

01 smile & wild
02 ピンクモンスター
03 Whatever
04 Oh My Darlin'
05 恋愛 Express
06 TOY
07 ラブ・コントロール
08 クイックサンド
09 空
10 磁石
11 サテライト
12 new world
13 シークレットプール
14 ラズベリーパイ

Mika Nakashima - LOVE
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Ah, Mika Nakashima. She's an AMAZING artist with very unique and powerful vocals. I've never seen anyone else pull of so many genres of music with such flair. LOVE, her 2nd album, has an overall more jazzy feel to it. Not the kind of jazz that drags on and puts you to sleep though, it has a nice, funky edge to it that makes you want to groove to the beat. The emotionally-driven ballads in this album are also not to be missed!

01 Venus In The Dark
02 Love Addict
03 aroma
04 雪の華
05 RESISTANCE (album version
07 marionette
08 接吻
09 You send me love
10 Be in Silence
12 愛してる (album version)

Please comment if you download! Most importantly, please support the artists by purchasing their cds ^_^.