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ROTATION: Final Fantasy VII: Advant Children, Final Fantasy XII, & Tennis no Oujisama

Due to the Anime NEXT and the amount of files that needed to be uploaded (9 CDs in total), it took a while and I'm sorry about that. I'm still in the process of uploading the rest of the tracks but life is a mess and I hope I'll finish. If I don't... well, don't want the links I've already uploaded to go to waste. Anyway... let's get this show on the road.

The final disc (disc 4) of FFXII OST IS UPLOADED.

Final Fantasy VII: Advant Children Original Soundtrack
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Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack
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Tennis no Oujisama - Dream Live 2nd
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Tennis no Oujisama - Theatrical Original Soundtrack
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01. Please comment when downloading, you have the time to click the link and download the file, you have the time to type one word and click post.
02. Next round is staff pick, so no request will be accepted.
03. All files are for sampling purposes only.
04. Please buy the CD to support the artist if you like the music.
05. Please comment to inform me anything wrong/needs to be changed

... And just a personal point of view. Other people requested these albums so that they can sample the music to see if they will like it or not. So PLEASE don't post things like 'this album sucks' or 'I hate it.' Let the others decide for themselves what they like, not to mention I think it's terribly impolite to the uploader who took the time out to upload the files.

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ai otsuka - words on your lips

Rotation x 8 ftw?!

Below the cut we have:

Ai Otsuka - Kingyo Hanabi
Angela Aki - Kokoro no Senshi
Asian Kung Fu Generation - Kimi Tsunagi Five M
Ellegarden - Pepperoni Quattro
Rie Fu - Rie Fu
Ritsuko Okazaki - Melodic Hard Cure
Round Table Feat. Nino - April
Tokyo Jihen - Kyoiku


   + COMMENT. Don't tell me I wasted all my time for nothing.

*Jumps up and down screaming* Just posted and already leechers have attacked. -__- *loses trust in human kind*

   + Support the artists. Because although downloading the single for free is great, there's nothing like buying the CD of your favorite artists. If we truly enjoy their music, we would buy it, right? :)

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Ritsuko Okazaki - Melodic Hard Cure & Tokyo Jihen - Kyoiku have not been uploaded yet! I'm still working on it, but here are the other albums/singles for you to enjoy in the meantime! All very good choices :)

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Request: Nana~Live Action Movie~ OST

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[music| Mizuho -「Futari No I''s ~I Will Follow~」]

Ok so I learned my lesson from last time, wait for YSI and upload. Apparently my last upload was so popular 350+ d/ls were reported...and only 14 comments were left. Really, you leechers must really outdo yourselves.

Anyways onto happier topics. I loved the movie...wait no i adored the movie. All the more reason to have the OST. I wish they continued the story and not stopped it where they did. Then again it'd be hard to get all those all-stars together again.

You know the Rules:
01. Comment if you d/l...i still don't see how hard it is to do. It's not like 10 seconds of your life will be really wasted. Anyways Thank you to those of you who take the time to say thank you. I Thank you.
02. Support the Artists
03. Enjoy.
04. I'm not re-upping broken links...or really caring to fix things. I have a lot going on, like a job and rl. I hate to sound like a prick, but remember that all of us mods are donating something more than just our playlists, but also our patience and our time. Please take that into consideration along with the hard work that the artists put into their work. That's all i ask for.

Ok so if you've beared with me through all that, congrats, you know where to find the real links. I'm keeping the duds just to make people sweat...and b/c i'm too lazy to remove them. If you want the zip file, it's in the picture.

01. nana theme 1
02. hachi theme 1
03. two nanas 1
04. hachi theme 2
05. new life 1
06. nana theme 2
07. fallin'
08. new life 2
09. the inevitable
10. an end
11. nana theme 3
12. GLAMOROUS SKY (soundtrack version)
13. hachi theme 3
14. let it end
15. white snow, dress red
16. ENDLESS STORY (soundtrack version)
17. the key
18. two nanas 2
19. yearning

Escaflowne OST 1

Escaflowne OST 1 - Over the Sky

Music by Yoko Kanno, one of my favorite soundtracks. Worth grabbing even if you're not familiar with the series :D

This album is encoded in .ogg format. For information on players and plugins that can playback the .ogg format, please visit this page. (if you already use the newest version of Winamp or iTunes, you should be able to play these files with no problem)


01 - Yakusoku wa Iranai (I Don't Need Promises) / Vocals by Maaya Sakamoto
02 - Flying Dragon
03 - Dance of Curse
04 - Murder
05 - Escaflowne
06 - Angel
07 - Cubic
08 - Romance
09 - NE ZU MI
10 - Wings
11 - Gloria
12 - Eyes
13 - Pocket wo Kara ni Shite (Empty the Pocket) / Vocals by Maaya Sakamoto
14 - White Dove / Vocals by ACEILUX
15 - Mystic Eyes / Vocals by Hiroki Wada
16 - Deja Blue

These are once again hosted on my own webspace, please be kind when downloading - one at a time.
Comment if you download, buy it if you like it, the usual.