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蒼井 優 : air clouds

Staff Pick - Yuna Ito's Precious

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Yuna Ito - Precious

I think you'll all know her from NANA the movie fame ^_^. Anyway, this is Yuna's third and latest single and she has seriously GORGEOUS vocals. My favourite track of them all is Precious, it's very beautiful and breathtaking. The other two songs are more soothing and light-hearted. Definitely one single you should not miss!

01 Precious
02 I'm Free
03 Secrets
04 Precious (instrumental)

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ROTATION: Gundam SEED, Yami no Matsuei & Staff Pick: Xenosaga II + Black Cat

Gundam SEED - Symphonic
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Yami no Matsuei - Amethyst no Hitomi
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Xenosaga II - Movie Scene Soundtrack

Disk 1
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Disk 2
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And as a bonus for me being late with the rotation:

RADIO BLACK CAT - Radio shows for the anime/manga Black Cat

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I've been into Arashi for the past few weeks. I love them and so I want to spread the love.
Some of you might notice that Arashi's newest single "Kitto Daijoubu" was just released on May 17. But since that can be download basically everywhere right now if you look around so I didn't upload those. Instead, I uploaded their debut single "A.Ra.Shi".

For those that don't know who Arashi is, Arashi is a group of 5 guys under the same company as V6, SMAP, etc. Their songs are usually pop but they have rap mix into them. Try them out, it won't hurt.

So, here is Arashi's "A.Ra.Shi."
01 - A.Ra.Shi
02 - Ashita ni Mukatte
03 - A.Ra.Shi (Original Karaoke)
04 - Ashita ni Mukatte (Original Karaoke)

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