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Do As Infinity - Do the A-Side!

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Many apologies for the late rotation! Anyhow... here's Do As Infinity's DO THE A-SIDE. This is a collection of their singles, all of which are pretty much best-sellers, so be sure to give this a go!

Disc One
01 Tangerine Dream
02 Heart
03 Oasis
04 Yesterday & Today
05 rumble fish
06 We are.
07 Desire
08 遠くまで
09 Week!
10 深い森
11 冒険者たち

Disc Two
01 陽のあたる坂道
02 under the sun
03 under the moon
04 真実の詩
05 魔法の言葉~Would you marry me?~
06 本日ハ晴天ナリ
07 柊
08 楽園
09 For the future
10 TAO

Please do comment if you download and always support the artists! You can always purchase the album at Yesasia or CdJapan ^_^

EDIT: Link to Oasis has been fixed! Sorry for the mix-up ^^;
ai otsuka - words on your lips

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Sorry if it's a little late, I take the weekends to upload. :)

Just remember to support our artists! Because if we truly enjoy their music, we would buy it, right? :)

And also, comment! I can't stress this enough. :O Everyone at _uta works their butt off to bring you the music that you even request! The least you can do is thank them. You don't even need to register! All you have to do is click the 'comment' link and type in a little thank you. If you take the time to sit at your computer and download music, can't you spend one more second and thank the person who uploaded it for you? To all non-LJ users: it only takes a minute to register. You can do it while you're downloading some of these songs, for that matter. By the time a song has finishes downloading you could have an account thank the uploader a good number of times. It's nice to know your efforts don't go half-assed. :)

I've removed the links to the past albums I've uploaded.. and I'm thinking of just removing the links to the albums I upload after two or so weeks. :/ BUT THAT'S IF YOU DON'T COMMENT, and I'm sure that doesn't happen.

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Koda Kumi//KumiLoves//Golden

Request: Gundam SEED Destiny Complete BEST

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Sorry i'm late...i almost forgot..and b/c i'm kinda lazy...now that school is done. It's on YSI b/c i start my summer research position soon...so play nice and the like.

1. Comment if you d/l
2. Support the artists
3. Read the rules
4. Play Nice
5. Enjoy!

Drop me a line if anything goes wrong.

01 Ignited
02 Reason
04 Life Goes On
05 Bokutachi no Yukue
06 I Wanna Go To A Place
07 Wings of Words
08 Kimi wa Boku no Niteiru
09 Meteor
10 Vestige
11 Reason -NYLON Stay Cool Mix-
12 PRIDE ~ 'Phantom pain' norishirobreakmegamix~
13 Wings of Words (alas de palabras)

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Ahhh im late also. Meh I blame those damn ap tests. man I know I failed the Spanish and Government ones. Also tomorrow is my senior prom so yeah, kinda excited about that. Wooo so here it is.  Oh yeah comment when you download and you need winzip or something.

The Pillows-My Foot
1. My Foot
2. Rock & Roll Sinners
3. The Air Resister
4. The Third Eye
5. Mighty Lovers
6. Non Fiction
7. Degeneration
8. My Girl (Document Version)
9. So Long Universe
10. Gazelle City

1. Miyako
2. Yugen No Hito
3. Majinai
4. Yami Ni Chirikeri
5. Nehankyo
6. Togenkyo
7. Genpai Tosentan
8. Razen
9. Tsuzure Uta
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Won't you know it, my frist upload in a while and I'm late... I blame work XP

Gundam SEED - Complete Best
02. moment
03. Believe
05. Realize
07. Meteor
08. INVOKE (phase shift)
09. moment (B4 ZA BEAT)
10. Believe -Freedom G COntrol Mix-
11. River ~Remix
12. Realize - EVERLASTING MIX-

1. Please comment when you download
2. Leave all requests in the request post
3. Please support the artist by buying the CDs if you like the work!

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Shamanic Princess Original Soundtrack I

-->Full Zip (MegaUpload)

(1) Everytime We Can Love You
(2) Inori no Asa
(3) Yume no Madobe de
(4) Yami wa Sen Oku no Chikara o Motsu
(5) Renna
(6) Kanashiki no Sara
(7) Fake Moon
(8) Tiara's Bad Day
(9) Magical Made
(10) Juju's Stomp
(11) Guardian World
(12) Kuusou wa Kagirinaku
(13) Aru Hi...wa Aru Hi Dayo
(14) Omoide no Mori

Bakuretsu Tenshi Perfect Edition Original Soundtrack

Disc 1

-->Full Zip (MegaUpload)

(1) Kurutta Kajutsu
(2) Loosey (TV Size)
(3) Toshi Densetsu
(4) Keiryaku Chizu
(5) Dennou Toshi
(6) Asu ni Mukatte Hashire
(7) Kyuukutsu na Taion
(8) Hakai Kousaku
(9) Tsuiseki no Theme
(10) Onmitsu no Koudou
(11) Shinjitsu no Kao
(12) Nishi no Taka
(13) Jou no Theme Part 1
(14) Kowareta Tokei
(15) Modashite Gorazu
(16) Kanzai Bakusou Rengou
(17) Tanki Kessen
(18) Sasayaki to Tomo Ni
(19) Itsuka Yasashii Ame
(20) Yureru Tsuki
(21) Ryoute ni Juu

Disc 2

-->Full Zip (MegaUpload)

(1) Jango Shutsudou no Theme
(2) Fuunmei na Sora
(3) Jou no Theme Part 2
(4) Shinkirou
(5) Juu no Ashiato
(6) Himitsu Jikken
(7) Giniro no Himitsu
(8) Dennou Saimin
(9) Sentou Taisei
(10) Akatsuki no Theme
(11) Hangeki Kaishi
(12) Hakuchuu Yume
(13) Shinrai no Theme
(14) Hakuran no Utage
(15) Kakeru Koma no Joku
(16) Nanyou Fukago no Kodou
(17) Kibou no Theme
(18) Shiroi Ame
(19) Kagami no Jibun
(20) Gogo no Hanazono
(21) Nishi Kara no Chinkyaku
(22) Yuuhi no Gun Human
(23) Nichijou no Theme
(24) Hitoshizuku
(25) Under the Sky (TV Size)

Okay, everyone knows the drill~! If ye download, please comment :D! Takes two seconds, and ye don't even have to have an LJ account ^^! Also! Supporteth the artisteths! And lemme know if stuff needs reuploading (although, considering the size of the Bakuretsu Tenshi one, I might batch reupload if it comes to that ^^;;;)~~~~~~. Enjoy :DD!

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gemini remote

Li'l bit o' this and li'l bit o' that

I'm doing this early because I'll be busy with papers and finals soon.

Eureka 7 - Shounen Heart
1. 少年ハート
2. 空と海の出会うところ
3. 少年ハート (Instrumental)

Orange Range - SQUEEZED
Remix album
01. 以心電信 Takkyu Ishino Remix
02. ロコローション Space Cowboy Remix
03. キリキリマイ cherry blossom front mix
04. パディ ボン マヘ Kan Takagi REMIX
05. ラヴ・パレード NEWDEAL REMIX
07. お願い! セニョリータ Shin's Rockin' Techno
08. *~アスタリスク~ Ken Ishii's Seventh City
09. はい! もしもし・・・夏です! Dogday Afternoon
10. Иatural Pop Takagi Masakatsu "girls" remix
11. 上海ハニー KAGAMI remix
12. チェスト introソーキReMIX
14. BETWEEN ペチュニアロックスREMIX

Saiyuuki (Drama) - Around The World
1. Around The World
2. Falling
3. everyone

Younha - Go! Younha
01. ほうき星-album mix version-
02. もっとふたりで
03. オレンジの初恋
04. 碧い檸檬
05. ゆびきり-日本語version-
06. 向日葵
07. マイ☆ラバ
08. 夢の続き-album version-
09. あした、天気になれ。
10. 相合傘
11. 願いはひとつ
12. 思い出にできない
13. タッチ

Staff Pick: Rhymester - Heat Island featuring Fire Ball
Because it seems like I haven't done staff picks in a while. The opening for Ayakashi, which everyone should go watch like now. Overall, it's a good song (kinda makes me wanna krump... don't ask) but rather an unseemly choice for the series.
2. けしからん
3. HEAT ISLAND~『怪』edit~

1. Comment if you download.
2. Go out (or online) and buy the CD(s) to pledge your support.
3. No reuploads.