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Staff pick! :D

It has been a long while since I posted something. But anyway, for staff pick this month, I present you all... *drumrolls* BLACK CHERRY! :D by Koda Kumi. (: This album was released late December last year, I think. This album is nice. Highly recommended. Enjoy! ^^


02. Get Up & Move!!

03. 人魚姫

04. 夢のうた

05. 月と太陽

06. Puppy

07. 恋のつぼみ

08. WON'T BE LONG ~Black Cherry Version~


10. Candle Light

11. Cherry Girl

12. I'll be there

13. 運命

14. with your smile

15. ミルクティー

16. Twinkle (English Version | Bonus Track)

17. GO WAY!!

18. WON'T BE LONG ~Red Cherry Version~

The usuals, comment if you download.

Not forgetting to support the artist by purchasing their albums. ;D

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Woooooo. I liiiivvveeee! And I come bearing a STAFF PICK :O!!!!...(which I need to add to the playlist, gurk XD;;;).

Nodame Cantabile OP Single - Allegro Cantabile

--> Full Zip (Megaupload)
--> Full Zip (Sendspace)

1. The Time "SUIEMITSU" Met "NODAME"
2. Allegro Cantabile Sound
3. Sonatine
4. La Chanson De L'adieu

For the first time in months, I've finally found something that I can honestly call a favorite. Allegro Cantabile is the full version of the opening for the recent anime adaptation of Nodame Cantabile. It really fits the light-hearted side of the anime to a tee, with its happy upbeat piano that makes you want to bounce around XD. All in all, it's a very memorable (IMO) and joyful tune which deserves all the recognition it can get ^^!

Please remember to:
- Comment if you download!
- Support the artist!

Let me know if anyone needs/wants a Sendspace link or separate song links~! Enjoy!