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Staff Pick - Angela Aki HOME

LATE. . .As in I meant to do this yesterday, but completely forgot! ! !

Anyway, I chose Angela Aki's album "HOME", because I love her voice and I love her style.

[info via last.fm]

Angela Aki is a half Italian-American and half Japanese singer, songwriter and pianist.
In Japan, she released the mini-album entitled ONE, getting her noticed by the famous composer, Nobuo Uematsu. This led to her doing the theme for the PS2 game Final Fantasy XII titled, Kiss Me Good-Bye, which she is now well known for.

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1. Kiss Me Good-Bye
2. Love is Over Now
3. 心の戦士 (Kokoro no Senshi)
4. Music
5. This Love
6. お願い (Onegai)
7. 宇宙 (Uchuu)
8. Rain
9. 奇跡 (Kiseki)
10. 大袈裟に 「愛してる」 (Oogesa ni "Aishiteru")
11. ハレルヤ (Hallelujah)
12. Home
13. Your Love Song

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Okay, I know this might be a lil' early but I won't be available anytime later. xD And so I'm bringing you people Arashi's ONE! :D Although it isnt the latest album, but it's still very nice! :DDD Enjoy! ^^

not the album art. drew it when i was bored. XD

01. Overture
02. Natsu no Namae
04. Lai-Lai-Lai
05. Days
06. Subarashiki Sekai
07. Sakura Sake
08. Rain
09. Itsuka no Summer
10. W/ME
11. Himitsu
12. Yume de Iikara
13. Yes? No?
14. Kazami Dori
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Heh since I really have been feeling like I haven't been doing anything around here, I have two staff picks for you guys. The first one is the album Deathmate by Vidoll. Vidoll is kinda like a non screamy Dir en Grey meets the composition of Malice Mizer. This band is really weird looking also, because they dress up really bloody and they try to gross you out. Their look doesn't match their music at all though. Vidoll is just a great listen to anybody that like just pure fast paced rock.


My other staff pick is from a band called Cali=Gari. Yeah this band is pretty interesting. Like every single song that they do sounds different from all of their other songs. Their vocalist sounds alot like the vocalist from La'Cryma Christi, and their music is also similiar, but Cali=Gari is much more diverse because they do like really mellow and harmonic songs, techno and electronic songs, and screamy and heavy rock songs. Its interesting to listen to this band. Their sound is about as mysterious as the band itself.

Cali=Gari-Dai 7 Jikkenshitsu