Tags: 10/26/06 rotation

not late, really

^^;;;; did not forget to do this.

AKINO - sousei no aquarion

01. sousei no aquarion
02. pride ~ nageki no tabi

I think this was the OP single for something. Never quite caught on with me...

Yonekura Chihiro - eien no hana/cross

comment if you download, all that good stuff. as usual I will upload individual tracks or upload somewhere else if needed. buy an album if you like it; all the cool kids do it.


Sentou Yousei Yukikaze OST

This is a nice, altruistic way to kick start the semestral break for me, I think. :D

01. Lynn Jackson
02. Rei's Theme: Prologue
03. Rei's Theme
04. Forest of Antenna
05. Suspicion
06. Light Trap
07. Rei's Theme: Congestion
08. Into the Deep
09. Adrenaline
10. Web
11. Monologue and Stimulation
12. Fairy
13. Ready to Fight
14. Rei's Theme: Piano Ballad
15. Tail Spin

Comment if you're downloading. Cookies appreciated. :3